Inspect a Condo Unit Before Buying

Rene | Condo 101 News,Condo 101 Tips | Monday, 14 February 2011


1.    Design and Layout – check the design of the unit and the layout of the floor plan such as rooms, doors, windows. Is the unit in the direct path of the sun? If that’s the case you should consider that in summertime you may spend a bit more energy and money for airconditioning.

2.    Noise – from both inside and outside sources  visit the unit you want to buy at different times because there are times when it so peaceful but check it at weekends or during rush-hour period to see if the noise is bearable or not.

3.    Privacy – We all want our privacy and we must find the perfect unit to help maintain our privacy, check the unit decks and patios to make sure your safe from prying eyes and such.

4.    Security -  Comes hand in hand with Privacy, Is there a security system in the building complex and in the unit, is it properly lit at night Is the unit or building secure and have ample security to deter criminals?

5.    Amenities – Every building has ameneties that are widely available to residents, such as a pool, a hot tub and community room. And always check and ask the buliding management if there are fees for usage and maintennace of these said amenities.

6.    Parking – Which is near an elevator, stairs, or close to your unit. And is properly lit.

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